Recap: ‘Send Out The Creatures’ release show/final show ever

Well it’s taken us a couple of days, but we’ve finally recovered from our record release show/farewell show at MilkBoy Philadelphia on Friday night.

Special thanks to The Chairman Dances and Goodnight Lights for opening the night and helping usher us to the stage with your excellent tunes and stage presence. We’ll greatly miss playing with you.

And uber special thanks to all 172 people who came out to see us close this chapter in our lives. We’ve had such a wonderful time playing music for all of you over the years and we hope you’ll keep a special place in your hearts for The Quelle Source.

Here’s the setlist from the 3-hour, 33-song show:

I’m Just A Toothbrush
Powered By Radon [live debut]
You’re Just A Tenant
Hot Metal Coverage
Satellite Rapiers
Middle Name
Canyon Surf
How The Future Works
Sometimes Always Never
Mr. Car Crash
Phantom Members
The Flu (with Brendan Lafferty)
Crisp Waiter (with Brendan Lafferty)
The Painters (with Chris Cardillo)
Rainbow Grout
I Thought I Saw A Bit Of A White Flag
Hi-Fi Glasses Crush (with Addison Lilholt)
Maps Without Lines (with Addison Lilholt and Chris Wafer) [first time since 2008]
Caloyer (with Addison Lilholt and Chris Wafer)
Road Signs (with Addison Lilholt and Chris Wafer) [first time since 2011]
Parenthetical Divine (with Addison Lilholt, Chris Wafer and Eric Krewson) [first time since 2008]
Hello Over (with Chris Wafer, Addison Lilholt, JJ Booker and Pete Nellius)
Escalation (with Chris Wafer and Andrew Bondarev)
Climateers (with Chris Wafer)
OT5 (with Chris Wafer)
The Dependable Ones (with Chris Wafer)
Scratch Your Fast Forward (with Chris Wafer)
I Never Saw You Kiss Him (with everyone)
I Can’t (Yet) (with Brendan Lafferty)
In The Past [live debut]
The State Line
The Silence Is On (with Chris Wafer)

Though our final albums and show are in the books, we’ll be trickling out some other fun things over the next couple of weeks, including a new music video or two.

Thanks for being amazing.

Our last show ever is this evening at Milkboy Philly

Hard to believe, but 8.5 years of existing, rocking, rolling, alternative-ing, indie-ing, drinking, sweating and writing come to a close tonight at MilkBoy Philadelphia with Goodnight Lights and The Chairman Dances.

We’d love to see many of you and share our last musical statement with you.

There will be lots of friends joining us and lots of old songs dug up. Thank you for being awesome.


‘Definite Trash’ — the last Quelle Source release — out today

Definite Trash, a compendium of sorts to yesterday’s odds-and-sods compilation Probable Trash, is, without a doubt, the strangest release we’ve ever put out. Just take a listen and find out for yourself:

In the process of combing through the more than 100 gigabytes of Quelle Source detritus we have in our archives, we found it more than a little difficult to narrow down our entire overly recorded history into just one release.

Hence: Definite Trash.

So what can you expect on Definite Trash that wasn’t on Probable Trash? Let us count the delights:

  • The first two Quelle Source recordings ever. Fittingly, they’re both bizarre: “Mochachocolateshitbeanpop” is a Garageband electronica Matrix song, while “Weirdness” is a play on The Beatles’ “Carnival of Light” avant-garde mayhem.
  • An alternate recording of the searing Enjoy the Ridge closer “Creepy”, complete with pitch-shifting craziness and an unhinged vocal take from Dan Wisniewski
  • Brief snippets of particularly stunning portions of Enjoy the Ridge songs used live during the band’s CD release show
  • Four unreleased songs, including Dan solo demos “Who Is The One” and “Together Apart”, and
  • Several infantile versions of future Send Out The Creatures tracks, including “The Flu”, “Satellite Rapiers” and a prank version of “Creatures” where we tried to get former bassist Chris Wafer to sing the song — even though he’d never heard it before.

Hard to believe, but that’s it. Thanks for playing.

Oh, wait — our last show ever is tonight at Milkboy Philly. We’ll see you there.

‘Probable Trash’ out today!

You cannot stop The Quelle Source. Here’s proof: Our third album in as many days — this one called Probable Trash — has just been released on our Bandcamp.

Probable Trash is a collection of unreleased songs, demos, studio outtakes and live cuts from The Quelle Source’s 8.5 years of existence.

Almost nine years is a long time, so we hope you enjoy seeing the evolution from “Harmless Lye” to “Phantom Members” (and the varying sound quality that comes with it).

You want highlights? We got highlights:

  • Two tunes from our very first demo, ingeniously titled Demo, from 2005
  • A number of soundboard recordings from our many gigs as young-ins at Philadelphia’s Grape St. Pub in 2006 and 2007
  • Aborted studio recordings, featuring different takes on tunes like “The Painters” and “Caloyer”, and
  • Eight (!) never-before-released songs, including the epic “Sound of Pianos”, the lyrically heavy and moodily deflated “The Well-Worn Kid”, and later-era classic “Breakin’ Laughs.”

We hope you enjoy the evolution of The Quelle Source on Probable Trash. Check back tomorrow for the addendum compilation Definite Trash — and for our last show ever.


‘Happen So Good’ out today!

The Quelle Source greets another day with Happen So Good, yet another full-length record release in this, our last week as a band. Amazing.

Written during downtime from recording sessions for Send Out The Creatures and recorded at home, the nine songs from Happen So Good find The Quelle Source at our most collaborative, with all band members pitching in on music, melodies, lyrics and arrangements.

Drummer Mark Rybaltowski contributed some of the most straightforward Quelle Source lyrics ever for crackly slow burner “Singled Out.” “Sometimes Always Never” finds co-lead singer Kevin Ryan unveiling one of his most touching melodies over synth strings and searing guitar solos. And “Powered By Radon” and “In The Past” both directly reference the bittersweet imminent end of the band we’ve all spent the last 8.5 years in.

From creepy surf instrumental “Canyon Surf” to the SMiLE-meets-soccer-stadium-singalong title track, Happen So Good reveals a very different Quelle Source from the band that just yesterday unveiled the sleek Send Out The Creatures.

Please do enjoy Happen So Good, and check back tomorrow for our next release, the odds and ends compilation album Probable Trash.

‘Send Out The Creatures’ out today!

Today marks the official release of our new and final record Send Out The Creatures!

The 14-track collection, which deftly maneuvers from warm acoustic laments and SMiLE-era vocal acrobatics to Guided By Voices-esque nuggets and turgid dinosaur rock tunes, is currently available in our Music section and on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.

Send Out The Creatures was recorded from December 2012 to June 2013 at Milkboy The Studio in Center City Philadelphia. Lead single “Hot Metal Coverage” has received positive press from The Key and What’s Protocol?, and Internet radio station Y-Not will play the album in full and feature three live acoustic performance from the band tomorrow, Wednesday, at 11 a.m. and 10 p.m.

Physical copies of Send Out The Creatures, limited to 125 and featuring artwork from local artist and Quelle Source friend Samskrits, are available at the band’s official site.

We want to thank everyone involved with the making of this album – the Milkboy The Studio staff (Cody, Wayne, Tommy and more), our Kickstarter supporters, friends, family and patient significant others.

Stop back tomorrow for the release of our other new LP “Happen So Good“!

‘Send Out The Creatures’ record release/farewell show this Friday

As you all anxiously await tomorrow’s release of our swan song LP Send Out The Creatures, remember to mark your calendars for our record release/farewell show this Friday, August 2, at Milkboy Philadelphia with support from Goodnight Lights and The Chairman Dances.

As you may know, co-songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Kevin Ryan will relocate to San Francisco at the end of August, and we simply cannot carry on without him. At the 2.5-hour final show, we plan on tackling tackle material ranging from their original 2005 demo all the way up through Send Out The Creatures.

Former Quelle Source members and members of other local Philly bands will also grace the stage throughout the evening.

As if a 14-song album and a 2.5 hour show weren’t enough, we’re also going out in style with three (!) more releases this week:

  • On Wednesday, the band will release Happen So Good, a 9-song LP recorded at home during downtime from Send Out The Creatures and mixed and mastered at Milkboy The Studio.
  • Thursday finds the release of Probable Trash, a 19-song compilation of unreleased tracks, demos and live cuts from the band’s 8.5-year career. It was also mastered at Milkboy The Studio.
  • Finally, the band will release the digital-only Definite Trash, featuring the leftovers from compiling of Probable Trash, on Friday.

Overall, the band will release nearly 70 songs this week before their final set on Friday.

Check back everyday this week for new releases and info. We love you.

New LP: ‘Send Out The Creatures’ out July 30

Cover art for the “Hot Metal Coverage” single.

We’re ecstatic to announce Send Out the Creatures, our new 14-song LP, set for release on Tuesday, July 30.

Check out a free download of “Hot Metal Coverage”, the first single from Send Out the Creatures.

“We’ve been trying to perfect this ‘everything and the kitchen sink’ record for the last eight-plus years, and I think we’ve finally done it,” said co-songwriter/guitarist/vocalist Dan Wisniewski. “On Send Out the Creatures, we move pretty seamlessly between these warm acoustic laments and SMiLE-era vocal acrobatics to Guided By Voices-esque nuggets and turgid dinosaur rock tunes.”

The record was recorded from December 2012 to June 2013 at Milkboy’s “The Studio” in Center City Philadelphia. Send Out the Creatures is the band’s second LP (after 2009’s Enjoy the Ridge) and the band’s first record fully produced in a professional studio since 2008’s The Quelle Source EP. The record will also feature cover art from local artist and Quelle Source friend Samskrits.

Way more info to come soon.

– Dan W

Kickstarter launched!

Hey world,

We’re getting awfully close to finishing our new record, but we need your help. Yes, World, I’m talking to you.

We’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help us fund the final phase of recording our new LP!

Check out the video below for all the details (and the official song we wrote just for the campaign), then head on over to our Kickstarter page to check out all the awesomeness going on.

Two Dans, two Kevin’s, then there’s Mark,
– Dan W

Hugs, red and more: Photos from the recording studio

We were back in the recording studio a couple weeks to continue work on our new LP.

Here’s a stellar gallery of all those fine pics.

Enjoy it.